On the road in the province of Berry.


On the extensive website of the department, you can find a lot of information on the activities in the Berry.


Here’s a little piece of history about the Berry.


Up to the French Revolution, the Berry was one of the provinces of France with its capital Bourges. Berry bordered on the provinces of Touraine in the west, Orléanais in the north, Nivernais and Bourbonnais in the north- and southwest and La Marche in the south.


In the early Middle Ages, Berry was an independent county, later it was divided by the Duke of Aquitaine and the Counts of Anjou and Blois.

At the end of the 11th century, the French kings began to take an interest in the area and started to gradually add it to their domain.

In 1360 King Jan II the Good founded the Duchy of Berry for his third son Jan. The title Duke of Berry remained within the royal family for centuries.


In 1790, all those titles were dropped and Berry was divided over a few new departments. Haut-Berry broadly became the department of Cher, with the addition of Saint-Amand-Montrond and surroundings, which were in the province of Bourbonnais.

Bas-Berry became the department of Indre, along with a large part of the Brenne, from the province of Touraine.


Smaller parts of Berry went to the Loiret and Loir-et-Cher departments. All these departments are now part of the Center-Val de Loire region.


The title Duke of Berry was reinstated after the Restoration of the Bourbons especially for Charles Ferdinand, the youngest son of King Charles X of France.


Have fun in the Berry Province!

Let’s start at the capital of the Berry, Chateuroux. Chateauroux is a city on the rise after a few years of considerable vacancy. The number of shops is slowly increasing and on Saturday morning you can enjoy the marketplace where you can buy fresh products such as vegetables, quality fish and cheese. On the terraces alongside the market, you can have a delicious cup of coffee or treat yourself to a delightful lunch. For some good lunch suggestions in the city, go talk to Monsieur Deux.


Bourges is the capital of the Cher. This ancient city with its impressive cathedral is definitely worth a visit.


The Berry is known for her writer George Sand, who lived in the castle of Nohant.

The castle is located within a 15 minutes drive from Monsieur Deux. In the idyllic village of Nohant you will imagine yourself in the time in which George Sand also lived. After a tour at the castle, it is worthwhile to visit the museum shop and then enjoy the restaurant Auberge de la Petite Fadette for a nice lunch or dinner.


The Berry also hosts the Sancerre wine region, which is about a 90 minutes drive from Monsieur Deux and is often recommended by guests. Make it a nice day to visit this area and its town, whereafter you can snug up with a good bottle of wine at Monsieur Deux.

Valencay is another small wine region near Monsieur Deux, approximately 45 minutes by car. Valencay hosts the immense Chateau de Valencay which you can explore. During the summer season, there are several activities.

You can visit the website to find out more about them.


In addition to all walking and cycling opportunities, go-karting and all other tips, golf facilities on the courses of Les Dryades en Golf des Sarrays should not be missed. And what about the beautiful gardens of Prieure d’Orsan.

For the water lovers among us, Lake Sidiailles offers more than enough space for a nice swim, canoeing, pedal boat and even an adventure course. The lake of Pouligny Notre-Dame offers the possiblity of water skiing.

And there is also a swimmingpool in La Chatre, a 15-minute drive from Monsieur Deux.

For more suggestions, please visit the website of the province of Berry.