Driving from Paris you head towards Orleans to Vierzon where you take the A20 exit. Continue onto A20, take exit 12 towards Chateauroux. You then drive towards Étrechet, Clavières and Ardentes.

After Ardentes you take the exit towards Saint Août.

In Saint Août keep right at the fork (D918) towards Ambrault and Issoudun. Do not drive too fast otherwise you will pass it … .. At the small sign “Le Grand Plessis” you turn right and then you are almost there.

After 300 meters it looks as if you are driving over a farmyard, just continue to drive slowly and follow the bend to the left. At the end of the road you will find Monsieur Deux.

Our house does not have a number, so it is very important to enter the postal code in the navigation system (The street name Le Grand Plessis is very common in France).


If you don’t feel like driving, you can travel by train. The nearest train station to Monsieur Deux is in Chateauroux.

Opposite the station you will find car rental company Hertz.


Monsieur Deux

Le Grand Plessis

36120 Saint Août